Erin Tenney

Erin Tenney serves as President to CCM and is a senior Studio Art Major.  With a heart for ministry, she loves sharing her faith with all of those she meets.  Arriving to college was a major adjustment for Erin, but CCM has evolved into a wonderful home for Erin, and she loves that it has given her the opportunity to be a leader and grow in fellowship, virtue and spirituality.  CCM has also given Erin the chance to serve locally, domestically and internationally, and she has greatly appreciated all traveling she has gotten to do because of her role. Erin looks forward to her upcoming term and hopes to fulfill God’s will in whatever way He asks of her.  Some of Erin’s interests include: fashion, art (clearly since she’s studying it) and Harry Styles.  Her favorite saint is St. Brigid, and her absolute favorite color is pink.  Aside from CCM, Erin works in Residence Life as an FDAC, is a part of the President’s Leadership Program and is a sister of Phi Mu Fraternity.

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Keegan Ruddy
Vice President

Keegan is a sophomore religious studies major who hopes to someday fulfill his dream of being a high school basketball coach. Keegan’s favorite part about the Catholic community at CNU is the people and relationships he has made, which have been huge blessings from God. Keegan enjoys fellowship events, basketball, and hanging out with friends and making new ones especially through Christ!!!

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Rachel Waring


Rachel is a rising sophomore who is excited to serve as the fellowship chair this year. She is a Communications major with a Philosophy and Religious Studies minor. She wants to be a High School Youth Minister and is passionate about her faith and serving others. Rachel loves CCM because of the friendships it has let her make. She thinks that friendships built in Christ are one of the most important things in staying faithful. Rachel’s favorite saint is her confirmation saint, St. Agnes the patron saint of girls.

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Matt Wilson
Faith Formation
Matt Wilson will be a senior in the fall of this year. He is a psych major with a double minor in philosophy and business administration. His hope is that, by serving on the leadership team, the Catholics here at CNU can more fully come together through large group and present a united campus ministry that can go out and live the gospel.

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Colin Komp

Colin is a student.

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Ian Grosskopf

A member of the Class of 2016, Ian is easy to identify because he is by far the tallest member of the leadership team and one of the tallest individuals at Christopher Newport.  Ian is a health and fitness nut, frequenting the Freeman Center often during the course of a week and is always down for a game of basketball.  He is a double major in History and Political Science with a minor in Leadership Studies, and thoroughly enjoys political debates and discussions.  However, he is best known for his frequent (and often deafening) laughter. Ian understands that each person has their own growth and development to go through and is more than willing to help anyone who wishes to seek the Lord and carry out His work on Earth.  As Worship Minister Ian is responsible for making sure that all on campus can participate in the joyful celebration of the Mass and is always ready for new ideas; if you have any thoughts about the celebration of the Mass on campus feel free to contact him.

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 Brian Pisarcik

Brian is a junior biochemistry major with a Spanish minor. He is on the drumline and looks forward to traveling to Ireland with the marching band for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  He enjoys playing in bands, and encourages you to “hit him up” if you want to start a progressive rock band.  He enjoys “Supper’s Ready” by Genesis even more than he enjoys long walks on the beach wearing J. Crew sweaters.  He has been on several intramural teams, including YOUR CCM BASKETBALL SAINTS!!!!!!   Brian wants to serve the CCM community by helping strengthen relationships with God and by finding ways to get people involved.

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Jim Leist

Jim Leist is a sophomore computer science major who plans on attending law school to become a patent attorney. He is a Bonner Service Scholar here at CNU, to which he has pledged 300 hours of service each year at CNU to his service site, VersAbility Resources. Through the Bonner Program he has already gained a more in-depth knowledge of service, engaging in discussions and even sitting on a panel talking about poverty in Newport News. He is also involved heavily in the CCM choir, and considers it his favorite part of CCM, and really of every single week. His other interests include basketball, football, songwriting, and a passion for Christ that he hopes shines through his life for all to see.

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